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Welcome to MMissary Music.

We hope you enjoy this site. We offer a

variety of things that may be of interest and

use. We hope you find something that you can

use and check back often for updates to this


Why the name MMissary?

Several different meanings, if you will. MM

for Marty and Marcella; issary reflects we are

messengers thru song; and also, the 2in1 in

our address reflects two in the ONE. Songs

we do, not necessarily our own, have a

message of joy, hope, redemption, peace,

reflection, healing, and sometimes a story if

listened for and to.:-)

We hope you enjoy this site and find

something that may be useful and pray and

trust that some will find some sense of

Christ's love, hope and peace in the songs and

products contained on the website.

God Bless.

   MMissary Music                    We are all a work in progress.