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Site Summary

On our site you can find quite a

few items that may be of use.

Our Music page is a sharing of

some of our music and our

daughter's music in rough form.

You can listen to some of our

music on Soundclick .

The Products page is a PayPal

store where you can buy our

CDs and books.

The BIAB page is Band in A Box

files and Midi files in shell form

that have been used via

keyboard at church to augment

the lack of other instruments for

services and other church related

activities. Also, there are some

BIABFSG files archived here.

The Music Database area

consists of a music usage

database that many other music

directors and publishers have

found useful. It's your starting

point when looking for older

material and such. If you need

assistance on something in the

database please contact us .

The Music Theory page contains

some basic music theory items.

The Songwriting Notes Page

contains items of interest on

songwriting. Items will be added

to this area in the future so come

back and visit often.

Songwriting Tools page contains

links to items such as

Dictionaries, Rhymers,

Thesauris, etc.

Liane Kuchmy area of the site is

a memorial to a good friend who

passed away and in this area you

will find her website archived.

Please visit this area as you will

enjoy the visit. See the tributes

and comments here.

   MMissary Music                    We are all a work in progress.