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We have been making melody for over 34 years. While most of that time has been with material from others and in Church or Community we have written and performed some of our songs. Marty's background starts in the 60s when he first started to play and perform in the secualr arena and as a Contemporary Choir Director and guitar teacher before we were married. He still does his best to keep up with our children who both have learned from their father to play guitar and keyboard.

Marty has been involved in many church related activities and programs over the years from Liturgist to Music Coordinator to Payer Group Leader and music leader to community concerts for worthwhile projects like raising money for the Simon Peter Pageant held here each year. While the past 10 years have seen less involvement in many of these things Marty still plays and writes and performs on occassion. While he had some small success in the past the goal now is just to share the music with others. Songs that sometimes convey a message that targets the heart but always says something or gives one to pause and reflect.

His family background is interesting. His grandfather, Cipriano Fernandez de Vega, was a well known Latin American bandleader, musician, and writer. Sadly he died in a Hurricane in Cuba. Marty tries to keep the tradition of music going within the family and his brother Maurice is also actively involved in music. Maurice is a drummer, asked for by many professional goups to sit in and play. He also runs a fulltime business, Carousel Music, whose link is listed on the links page.

Why the name MMissary? Several different meanings, if you will. MM for Marty and Marcella; reflects we are messengers thru song; and also, the 2in1 in our address and chat ID reflects two in the one. Songs we do, not necessarily our own, have a message of joy, hope, redemption, peace, reflection, and sometimes a story if listened for and to.:-)

We hope you enjoy this site and find something that may be useful and pray and trust that some will find some sense of Christ's love, hope and peace in the songs we share.

Marty and Marcella Ward

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