BIAB and Midi File Shells I have created
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Below are BIAB and midi file shells for various songs. BIAB and Midi file shells are files, for the most part (99%), without the melody for copyright reasons. Some of these files have been used in worship services to augment the music/musicians with very nice results. The song information is not included in these files but title and author information can be found in the database section of this website. Some have been used for performances. One man band.:-) Hope you enjoy. Visit often as I will add lots here as time permits.


Please note the following:

1. Clicking on the title gets you the midi file.

2. Clicking on the filename gets you the BIAB file.

3. Left mouse click downloads to your computer to a default
    directory, such as your temporary directory.

4. Right mouse click opens a "save as" screen where you
    can select the location for the file to be saved as and
    rename the file if you need to.

5. File information such as, title and author, can be found in the
    database section of this website.


Additional notes:

The filenames on many reflect the source they were derived from.

The following is a list of most of those convections used in the
filenames for many of the files:

WCH = We Celebrate Hymnal
JTS = Julie and Time Smith "Return, Renew and Remember" Book
CGP = Classic Glory and Praise
YPGP = Young People's Glory and Praise Book
V1GP = Volume 1 Glory and Praise Book
V2GP = Volume 2 Glory and Praise Book
V3GP = Volume 3 Glory and Praise Book
TLBT = John Michael Talbot Books
MI = Music Issue Hymnal

the rest come from such sources as:
Integrity Songbooks (18 of them)
Maranatha Songbooks (no longer in print)
Oregon Catholic Press Master Accompaniment Book
Sing N Celebrate Hymanls (2 books)
FEL Hymnals (4 books)
David Yantis Songbook
Songs of Praise and Worship (4 books)
Praise and Worship Accompaniment Book


Major Footnote:

The files will be spread over several pages due to the number of them. The tables will be within three categories: oldchurch, church,
and fiesta. The church files will be spread over 5 pages since there
are over 500 of these, while there are only 10 in the oldchurch
section, and over 100 in the fiesta section.

Not all files have a Midi file but if you have BIAB you can save that file format as a midi file and edit in Power Tracks or any other program such as Cakewalk, Jammer Pro, etc.

If you need help resolving song title, author, or source information I will be setting up something soon to handle those types of queries.


List of OLDCHURCH files (10 files)

Our Father (Yantis) father.sg9
The Give of Gifts giver.sg9
Alleluia gspalle.sg9
Alleluia gspresp.sg9
Holy Holy Holy hlyhly.sg9
Holy Holy Holy holy.mg9
Holy Holy Holy holy1.mg9
Lamb of God lmbofgod.mg9
O Lamb of God lmbogod.sg9
Christ Has Died, Alleluia xristhas.sg9

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