Some of MMissary's Original Music
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Just follow the links to see and/or hear some of our own music attempts. While these files are the unpolished files please visit to hear newer music and lots more there. While I am the main musician/writer, we both work on the material until we are both satisfied with the results. The recordings on some are poor (my first efforts) but the better sounding ones show my improvment in learning to use the equipment. Old dogs do learn new things eventually.:-) Hope you enjoy. Feel free to give me your input, feedback, comments, and likes/dislikes. Files are streaming and non-streaming Real Audio with a few MP3s. Two sections, one for instrumental and one for lyric/vocal/music.:-) Have any comments be glad to hear them. Marty Ward

I don't use anything fancy as I'm new to a lot of the equipmnet but here is a list of some of the things I use:
1. XP50 Music Workstation Keyboard/Guitar/a few other instruments.:-)
2. PT 6/ CakeWalk/Orch Plus/BIAB 9/JammerPro 4/SuperJam/Encore
3. Fostex/Tascam 4Trk/VS880
4. Real Audio/Cool Edit

I'm always learning more as I use the equipment and processes.


Section One: New Material

These next pieces were done with Tom Rhodes lyrics who has been kind enough to let me use my arrangements for his lyrics.

Carry My Tears (MP3 download)

Carry My Tears (MP3 streaming)

Keep On Keeping On (MP3 stream)

Keep On Keepin On ( MP3 download)

Oh My Jesus (MP3 download)

Oh My Jesus (MP3 streaming)

Runnin' Out Of Time (MP3 download)

Runnin' Out Of Time (MP3 streaming)

Their Price To Pay (MP3 download)

Their Price To Pay (MP3 streaming)

This next piece was an interesting attempt with my good friend Wayne Gillis who had written music but had not been able to develop any lyrics. My wife and I took the challenge, though it took us two years, wrote what we feel are nice lyrics, My wife sings this one as neither Wayne or I have that range.:-)

Almighty God (MP3 download)

Almighty God (MP3 streaming)


Section Two: Instrumental Pieces

Flight To Shelter - streaming MP3

Flight To Shelter - MP3 download


Section Three: Music with Vocals

Jesus, Jesus - streaming

Jesus, Jesus - download

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